Brian Eno Compiles TV & Movie Soundtrack Tracks For New Album ‘Film Music 1976 – 2020’

Brian Eno has released his new compilation album Film Music 1976 – 2020, which is his first-ever collection of music from his film and television soundtrack. The LP collects various songs from his film and television soundtrack work since 1976.

This is different from his 1978 studio album Music For Films that was intended as a conceptual soundtrack for imaginary films, and only the last track, “Final Sunset” was written for an actual film.

The album catalogs music from some of his music iconic soundtracks, including the “Prophecy Theme” from Dune, “Deep Blue Day” in Trainspotting and “Late Evening In Jersey” from Heat. There are two selections from the television series Top Boy. The album doesn’t include his music chronologically, but rather sonically to give a smoother feel to it, despite it coming from different eras in his compositional history.

This is a great way to get introduced to his vast and rich work as a film and television composer. Listen to the full album below and get your copy now. The physical version will be available in the US, January 22, 2021.