Elohim teases upcoming album with eerie midtempo haunt ‘Tiny Human’

Following the release of “Can’t Remember Your Name” in January, Elohim continues to drop off singles from her upcoming album. Her latest, “Tiny Human,” taps into a dark-dance vibe reminiscent of artists like Rezz. This new single contrasts with the brighter tones of its predecessor, delving into themes of insignificance and questioning the depth and purpose of our existence.

Elohim reflects, “At the end of the day, we are all humans who were at one time in a womb, and we are minuscule. I wish more people were humble and grounded, and we could go into situations and just be ourselves.” This introspective approach guides “Tiny Human,” as Elohim muses on the fragile nature of being merely one among billions. The song encapsulates a profound sense of vulnerability, acknowledging the universal experiences of longing and the quest for meaning in a seemingly boundless world.

The track’s lyrical content mirrors life’s transient beauty and the existential dance of our minor roles within the cosmic scale, fostering a romantic yearning for deeper connections and understanding. Elohim’s current musical journey, shadowed by a severe battle with anxiety leading to an overreliance on prescription medication, underscores the narrative. Taking a break from touring to prioritize her recovery, Elohim’s ongoing releases and forthcoming album are not only a testament to her resilience but also a beacon of mental health awareness within the music community. Each new single, including “Tiny Human,” is a step in her profound journey of healing and artistic expression.