Hudson Mohawke Drops More Unreleased Gems In New Mixtape ‘Poom Gems’

Hudson Mohwake has unloaded another batch of demos and unreleased tracks into another mixtape with a wacky cover Poom Gems.

The tape has a bit of everything in here with the jazzy and trip-hop “Solesaft," bright, synthy bangers like “Sweet Silverskin” or “Vitalize” and the piano-led speed hardcore (bit not too hardcore) finale “Things You Do.” There is plenty of time to rave, think and jump around like the mad man Hudson Mohawke is.

Some of these have been floating around in various live sets or mixes without a release date and now they have put together in one batch of tunes. He released a whole bunch of similar tracks earlier this month on a mixtape Big Booty Hiking Exhibition, so the music just keeps on coming from the Scot.

Listen to it all below and get a copy here.