Isolation Ambient Music: Mogwai’s Beautiful Score For New TV Series ‘ZeroZeroZero’

We are back with another isolation ambient music album, but looking for a different source of inspiration this time. We have tapped into the beautiful world of soundtracks with post-rock gods Mogwai’s work on the beautiful and powerful new Amazon / Canal + / Sky TV series ZeroZeroZero (watch it if you haven’t yet).

The series follows a cocaine shipment from the perspective of three different parties: a group of elite Mexican soldiers, a New Orleans family who act as shipping brokers for cocaine traffickers and Italian drug families. Their interwoven stories are very different, but at the same time, they each contain the common struggles that humans all face, despite taking them all over the world.

The soundtrack captures the mood of the show: sometimes uplifting, but often brooding and dark, with moments of fear, sadness and anguish. It is all held together by another beautiful soundtrack from the Scottish band.

The soundtrack is available now on Bandcamp exclusively until Friday, May 8 when it will be released wide on all DSPs.

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