Isolation Ambient Music: No-Kë – Home

We have another isolation ambient music piece and this one is a little shorter if you are getting behind on all of other albums. This three-track project, Home, comes from Sydney’s No-Kë, who makes beautiful neo-classical and ambient tracks.

Home is as homey and warm as one might expect from the title. It is broken up into two movements, with fluttering strings, flowing violins and soft drums that help to add an understated rhythm to the entire project. The final track is a reinterpretation of “Movement 1” by Pat Carroll.

“Home is all about my farm (i.e my Happy place) and I spent a bit of time trying to musically recreate that feeling of peace and contentment I feel when I spend time up there,” explains No-Kë. “I was able to include field recordings of the forest and the birds (and by accident if you listen really closely to the second movement you can hear Noke barking) and I like to think of it as a musical portrait of the farm.”

The world can be shit, but at least there are short bursts of serene music like this. Get your copy here.

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