Isolation Ambient Music: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – I can Hear The Birds

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, real name Orlando Higginbottom, has released a new four-track ambient EP I Can Hear The Birds built around the sounds of birds. Sitting out in the country right now, I can hear a few birds and there is a robin that has eggs in a nest on the ledge of our house that gets upset and chips wildly whenever she has to fly away as we walk by.

The bird recordings come from friends around the world in Australia, the Canary Islands, Los Angeles, and London that served as the foundation for this lush and beautiful little project. He created eight tracks, but got it down to four for this EP.

“On March 22 a friend sent me a recording of the birds that were keeping her awake in the Canary Islands. It was early in this story and anxiety was high, so I took the recording and made some music to it as a present to send back, a hug, and an exercise to take my mind off the obvious” says TEED about how this project came to be.

“The next day I spoke to a friend in South London who like many of us was commenting on the volume of the birdsong in his garden, so I asked for a recording of that too, and he woke at dawn the next day and sent me blackbirds, house sparrows, and a great tit. I sent him music a day or two later. Working on my existing musical projects was proving difficult and so this pattern of receiving bird recordings from friends and sending them back songs emerged as a welcome practice.”

People listen to bird sounds to meditate, relax and fall asleep, so combine that with soft pads and piano and you have something a little different and special from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Listen to the full project below and get your copy here.