James de Torres joins forces with Nihil Young for melodic techno gem, “Sentido” 

James de Torres emerges as the driving force behind the melodic techno craze, delivering intoxicating, underground records tailored for every corner of the globe. With just over a month into 2024, he has already unveiled two remarkable releases, the most recent being the highly anticipated collaboration, “Sentido,” a long-coveted ID captivating dancefloors.

In collaboration with Nihil Young, Torres skillfully intertwines mesmerizing synths and Spanish vocals over a pulsating bassline, creating a hypnotic journey for listeners. “Sentido” stands out as the perfect dancefloor weapon, adept at either warming up a crowd or guiding them through peak hours under the shimmering disco ball. As he reflects on the origin of the record, he shares with Dancing Astronaut,

Sentido” is a collab with Nihil Young, one of the top producers I have crossed paths with; he is a legend. I met Nihil in person at Watergate a few months ago, and after talking for a while, we decided to work together and this massive tune came alive. We decided to build the track around the spiritual vocal, that sounds like a Mexican poem, and were also looking for something uplifting due to the vocal, but with some space sounds with the drop sounds. The drop he made is insane and the sound design, he is super talented. This track makes you jump off your chair, and on the dancefloor it makes people want to record it or dance to it. It’s the opposite to “Perseidas”, and I love the balance between both of them.

Torres has swiftly garnered support from heavyweights in the house and techno scene, gracing the same stages as artists such as Vintage Culture, Nora En Pure, and Kolsch. With two releases under his belt in 2024, fans can expect more techno records in the weeks to come, including the official debut of his net single, “Perseidas.”

“Sentido” can be purchased on Beatport, and streamed on Spotify below.

Featured image: James De Torres

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