Lights Out Premiere: Scalameriya – Spire.Warden.Arcane.Gate [GENESA]

Today, Lights Out is proud to present a searing new premiere from industrial techno powerhouse Scalameriya. Taken from his forthcoming Imperial Visage EP, Spire.Warden.Arcane.Gate is a masterful stomping techno cut. The hammering kick drum and sharp percussion ooze with Scalamaeriya's signature sound he's become a known for. The metallic screeches add extra intensity to the dense atmosphere, with everything coming together for a top-notch 13th release on his label Genesa. 

Track: Spire.Warden.Arcane.Gate

Artist: Scalameriya

Label: Genesa

Format: Vinyl + Digital

Release Date: 9-12-2020