Magnetic Mix 097: Spring In A Small Town

We have been spotlighting downtempo, chillout and ambient a lot lately for those long days and nights indoors as we all try and fight the spread of Coronavirus. While it is nice to have mixes that make you want to dance, and we have plenty of those, we settle back in to a comfy couch for a new mix from Kent, UK native George Cloke, who is set to release his self-titled debut under a new alias Spring In A Small Town this Friday, May 15. Pre-order the LP here.

We asked him for a magnetic mix to help spotlight what was to come in the mix that is for relaxing at home with a fresh cup of tea. This is soothing, tranquil electronic music at its finest with some deep cuts from around the world.

“My album is inspired by notions of myth, nature and memory, and I wanted this mix to mirror those themes. In the current climate, these sublime records have transported me to a happier realm, like aural postcards carefully detailing an unfamiliar setting,” explains Cloke. “Whilst pure escapism is enticing during times like these, we must also hold those responsible to account- hence the bumbling sample that begins the mix. So make a cup of tea, put some headphones on, and please stay safe.”

See the full tracklist below.


1. Mikael Seifu – The Lost Drum Beat
2. Noah – シンキロウ
3. Hinako Omori – Auraelia
4. Spring In A Small Town – Village Fates
5. ASJ – Ailyah Rock The Boat (ASJ bootleg)
6. Closet Yi – Honeymoon Junction
7. Cuushe – Summer Night Sketch (Botany Remix)
8. Exitpost- Kameari Mode
9. Asa Tone – Visit From Tokay
10. Loris – Mizmar drip
11. Carmen Cygni – Illapse
12. Sabiwa – Xin de shijian
13. Spring In A Small Town – Winter In A Big City
14. Mute Branches - The Sunken Restaurant
15. George Cloke – Dawn Chorus (5:15am, 03/05/2020)
16. Nina Keith- In The Woods We Both Saw It, Weren’t Dreaming