Meme Lord Galcher Lustwerk Releases Album Under New 420 Alias For $69

Apparent meme lord Galcher Lustwerk has released an album that ticks the internet boxes. He launched a new alias 420 and has a new album out today called 420. The entire project is available on Bandcamp for $69.

Each song is also 4 minutes and twenty seconds. The entire length of the album is 67.2 minutes, so this was probably as close as he could get to 69.

You might expect this to be a total joke of a project with him just smoking weed for 67 minutes, but there are actually real songs on this. They range from some of his hazy vocal tracks to pure instrumentals of all types.

You can get the full album on Bandcamp for $69. Do what you want, its 4/20 in isolation. Maybe you will make a stoned purchase today