MËSTIZA share flamenco house-inspired debut LP, ‘QUËRELES’ [Q&A]

Madrid-based DJ duo MËSTIZA seamlessly intertwine melodic house, techno, and traditional Flamenco music on their debut album, QUËRELES, now streaming on Sacro Music. Capturing the essence of the outfit’s international SACRO parties that began in Ibiza, QUËRELES materializes a 14-track embodiment of the producers’ deep Spanish roots. Packed with soulful instrumentation and powerful rhythm sequences, the new album is as good an intro as any to MËSTIZA’s story, which they insist is just getting started. 

Fresh off the release of QUËRELES, MËSTIZA spoke with Dancing Astronaut about their sound, influences, and the new album. Read the exclusive Q&A and stream QUËRELES below.

How would you describe the sound of QUERELES to someone who has never heard it? 

MËSTIZA: “‘QUËRELES’ is the meeting between electronic music and Spanish tradition.”

Are there any specific artists who influenced you on this project?

MËSTIZA: “The classical Spanish flamenco singers like Camarón, Lole y Manuel, La Niña de los Peines… They represent our roots, the good work of our ancestors, and Spanish art.”

Tell us about the most fond memory you have of writing this album.

MËSTIZA: “Surely the recording process of all the vocals, guitars, and instrumentals with musicians that we admire a lot.”

What is your favorite part of dance music culture in Spain? 

MËSTIZA: “The people.”

If you could perform anywhere in the world with no restrictions, where would it be? 

MËSTIZA: “In La Alhambra, Granada.”

Who are three artists that would be a dream collaboration for you two? 

MËSTIZA: “In flamenco, [we would select] Israel Fernandez, Arcangel, or La Plazuela. In electronic music, Black Coffee, Keinemusik, or Bedouin.”