Premiere: Stephen Is A One Man Band In Quarantine Video For “I Never Stay In Love”

Los Angeles based electronic music musician Stephen has unveiled the music video for his new single "I Never Stay In Love.” More of a recorded live performance than a music video, the visual was shot in his colorful home studio where he goes about playing every single part on the track, from the guitar, to the drums to hopping in a makeshift vocal booth and singing.

The camera follows him along the way and you get a very intimate sense of the music making and performance process for Stephen. While this would be unrealistic to expect live, this is very cool to see how the song is made and put together with each part getting its own chance to shine in a raw and organic way.

“I recorded this live performance of 'I Never Stay In Love' quarantined in my home studio where I wrote the full upcoming album,” Stephen tells Magnetic. “I really enjoyed putting it together.”

"I Never Stay In Love” is the first single from Stephen’s upcoming sophomore album Akrasia, which will be released later this summer. Pre-order it here.