Rian Treanor Details New Album ‘File Under UK Metaplasm,’ Shares New Single

Rian Treanor has detailed his sophomore album File Under UK Metaplasm. He has released the first single “Hypnic Jerks” to give you a sense of the madness to come. Stream it on Bandcamp or Spotify.

The project was born after a trip to Uganda in 2018 where he performed at Nyege Nyege Festival. He then spent a month at their Nyege Nyege’s Boutique Studio in Kampala. He was influenced by singeli, Tanzania’s own lightning-fast dance sound and the syncopated drum patterns he heard at the festival.

He returned home to Rotherham in the North of England and refined his tracks around these ideas and File Under UK Metaplasm was born. This album is sweaty, fast and uptempo.

“It’s using all those formulaic dance structures but just slightly mangled or messed up,” he says in a statement. “I’m still focused on making dance music for clubs, but how far can you push that before it’s just no.”

File Under UK Metaplasm will be released on October 2 via Planet Mu.


01. Hypnic Jerks
02. Vacuum Angle
03. Mirror Instant
04. Metrogazer
05. Closed Curve
06. Opponent Process
07. Debouncing
08. Metaplasm
09. Orders From The Pausing