Snoop Dogg joins Besomorph, Scott Rill & andrei on ‘Want 2’


Besomorph joins forces with Scott Rill and Andrei, roping in the legendary Snoop Dogg for an electrifying collaboration on their latest track, “Want 2.” A cutting-edge, club-ready output that intersects dub with one of the most celebrated icons of popular music this four-way collab wastes no time getting right to the bumps. The unique and monumental team-up yields a remarkable blend of Brazilian Bass and Slap House, further enriched with a heavier, more sinister bass element. Snoop Dogg’s verses reign supreme, aligning with a swift rhythm that perfectly meshes with the resounding beat. The overall dirty and dark aesthetic and Snoop’s baritone bars make ‘Want 2’ a most play for any self-respecting bass DJ.

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