The 15 Best Indie Dance Tracks of April 2020

April has come and gone but that doesn't mean we get to ignore the amazing indie and alternative dance songs that were released over the course of the month. Whether alone or with your family, it’s time for you to have another living room indie dance party. This time around Indie Discotheque has found another 15 fresh songs to reinvigorate your music needs! Let’s dive into all the latest sounds and stay up to date with the best music the indie and alternative dance world has to offer.

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1. Oliver Tree – Let Me Down

He might be one of the most annoying artists out there right now, but Oliver Tree sure knows how to write an amazing indie pop track. “Let Me Down” has just the right amount of guitar spiced into the mix, and the humor he throws into his videos is always hilarious.

2. Upsahl – 12345Sex

I’m always attracted to a dose of distortion on a vocal, so to get a track like “12345Sex” from Upsahl in my ears is always fantastic. There is just enough grit and tension at play to get you into the mood, and the rest is what will get you out onto the dance floor.

3. Gorillaz – Aries feat. Peter Hook and Georgia

I was in a bit of disbelief when I saw this artist combination, but wow, does this work! “Aries” is filled with classic electronic accents and embellishments, and Peter Hook’s legendary guitar work is such a fitting combination with Gorillaz’ arrangement style.

4. Kunzite – Novas

I feel like I’m late to the party with Kunzite. As someone who has been a fan of Ratatat for so long, to finally discover this project is a great thing. “Novas” is a song that brings together the iconic instrumentation of Mike Stroud with the talents of Agustin White.

5. Gaspar Sanz – Cheryl

“Cheryl” instantly identifies itself as a track that was meant for a midnight party on the indie dancefloor. Gaspar Sanz’ vocal layering is mesmerizing, and the guitar work is classic, instantly drawing you into a familiarity that you never want to let go of.

6. Stay Lunar – Dreaming That I’m Not In Love

I’m certainly in a dream state when listening to this sonic experience from Stay Lunar. “Dreaming That I’m Not In Love” has a softness to the synths that seem to be layered one atop another, and the jangled guitar only adds to the imagery of night time imagination.

7. Amtrac – Stratego

Album of the year contender. I would have never known this was an Amtrac song if I wasn’t told this was an Amtrac song. “Stratego” very well might be my new favorite song of his, and I am absolutely endorsing this direction. It is dreamy, danceable, and beautifully balanced.

8. Paper Idol – Money for Flowers

Paper Idol might not have “Money for Flowers,” but they do have the charm and songwriting sensibility to get me out on the dance floor. This is a fast-paced track that instantly grabs your attention with gritty guitar riffs, crisp percussion, and processed vocals.

9. Tesla Boy – Абьюзер (Abuser)

It’s a steady and continued transition away from the original synth styling of Tesla Boy. Electronic sounds are peppered in only as texture on “Абьюзер,” which steps the band fully into indie dance territory, with prominent piano chords, bells, accent guitar, and vocal samples.

10. PAAR – Common Crimes

“Common Crimes” is this month’s darker dive, with dissonant guitar layering and minor chord crooning from PAAR. The way this track builds for the first minute-thirty is like a layer cake – it’s a delicious layer upon layer of guitar.

11. Michoacan – I Can See

This track from Michoacan is a mid-tempo acoustic disco percussion treat with bouncy synth textures, certainly worthy of mention for its instrumental arrangement and production alone, but it’s the vocal performance that really captivated me.

12. San Mei – Cherry Days

This track speaks to the current situation in the world. I always feel like San Mei doesn’t get enough love in indie dance. The sound of “Cherry Days” projects a current dissatisfaction, but a dreamy approach to a brighter outlook, which is what a lot of us are looking for right now.

13. Tops – Colder & Closer

The entire new Tops album from start to finish is fantastic. My favorite song from it is “Colder & Closer,” a wonderfully produced track with dreamy vocal layering and a melody that you’ll find yourself singing in your head.

14. Keep Dancing Inc – Start Up Nation

This one is an instant attention grabber, with Holy Ghost! influenced bouncy, compressed synth and simple percussion rhythms that drive the track toward a familiar vocal. The backing guitar texture could come forward a bit, but the layering and intensity Keep Dancing Inc create are a joy to experience.

15. 88/89 – The Man

Between the gritty bass and guitar, the prominent use of organ, and the swooping vocal style awash with echo effect, “The Man” by 88/99 is going to have you hooked from the start.

Here are all of the tracks in one convenient playlist: