Alison Wonderland’s latest album ‘Loner’ transformed into graphic novel & RPG game

Earlier this year, Alison Wonderland released her third studio album, Loner. Now, in collaboration with Z2 Comics, Loner has been transformed into a graphic novel and accompanying RPG module.

According to the purchase website —

In her debut graphic novel based on her eponymous album, LONER sees acclaimed DJ and musician Alison Wonderland take us on a highly personal journey of creation and loss, exploring the waves of panic, grief, and ultimately forgiveness that comes with the highs and lows of making something beautiful and meaningful. Ranging from real-life conflicts of bullying and anxiety, to otherworldly sci-fi dealing with metaphysical monsters, LONER also features a fully-playable fantasy RPG module complete with character sheets and map. Deluxe, Super Deluxe, and Platinum Editions also come with an exclusive limited edition CD digipak of Alison’s LONER album.

The Standard Hardcover Edition is available for just $29.99 if you want to keep things simple, or there’s a signed Platinum edition for $399.99 that includes: Oversized graphic novel with slipcase SIGNED by Alison Wonderland, 3 premium art prints, Exclusive Limited Edition CD of Alison Wonderland’s album ‘Loner’, 20-sided RPG die, and
SIGNED Hand-Painted Crocs, Alison’s footwear of choice.

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Photo Credit: Simply G