GRiZ Shares Inside Look at the Making of ‘Rainbow Brain The Movie’ [WATCH]

Transport into the universe of GRiZ and his new release Rainbow Brain with this mini-doc sharing an inside look at the visual expression behind Rainbow Brain The Movie.

The colorful, bright, beautiful and vibrant display that comes alive wouldn’t be possible without a vision and an entire team of creatives to make it possible. This behind-the-scenes snapshot recaps the five-day shoot into five minutes, offering a glimpse into Rainbow Brain from a different perspective.

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GRiZ shares: “Take a deeper look behind the scenes of Rainbow Brain The Movie. This was a massive collective effort! Shouts out to all the people involved!”

Also, GRiZ recently announced his three-night GRiZMAS run in Detroit this December. More details and ticket info here.

Watch here!

GRiZ: Behind the Scenes of ‘Rainbow Brain The Movie’

GRiZ Presents: Rainbow Brain The Movie


GRiZ Press Photo by Jason Seigel