All California Events with Over 250 People Are Hereby Cancelled

California Governor Gavin Newsom has upgraded last night’s 250-person limit on concerts from a recommendation to a mandate.

In an executive order released today and signed last night, Newsom ordered that all residents “heed any orders and guidance of state and local public health officials … to control the spread of COVID-19.” The mandate is to be in effect “at least” the end of March.

All but a select few rooms in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, all major tour stops for musicians and EDM DJs, are above the 250 cap, effectively cancelling all shows in the area through the end of the month. Lil Texas and 12th Planet shows for this weekend have already announced cancellations officially, with more likely coming soon.

Other states such as Ohio, New York, Washington, and Florida have also begun imposing similar event capacity limits.

Additionally, after days of back and forth, Walt Disney Company made the decision to close Disneyland park in California due to coronavirus; the company will continue to pay cast members during the shutdown.

Insomniac just announced that Beyond Wonderland in Southern California would be postponed until June.


via LAist