Angrybaby tiktok video launches smooth new dance single “HOLD YOU” into virality

Following his earlier 2023 single, “EMBERS,” which saw him juxtapose deep basslines and groovy percussion elements, San Francisco-based talent Angrybaby has returned to tastemaker label TH3RD BRAIN with yet another heater. Filled with exciting moments all throughout, from its infectious vocals to its minimalistic melodies, “HOLD YOU” is as nostalgic as it is mesmerizing, and makes for a stunning display of Angrybaby’s creative prowess.

“I wrote HOLD YOU while in San Diego for Christmas vacation. San Diego holds a very special place in my heart as it reminds me of someone who I loved dearly but ultimately had to let go. I wanted to write something to reflect that feeling but also have it feel uplifting and hopeful. The feeling I was trying to capture, that everyone has probably felt in their life, is the feeling of being with the right person but at the wrong point in time,” explains the artist.

Angrybaby teased the new song online in a hilarious tiktok video that has now gone viral.

@angrybaby_wah Getting your record on the radio is easier than you’d think #electronicmusic #radio #edmtiktok #musiciansoftiktok #jokes #fyp ♬ original sound – Angrybaby_wah

In the video, after sending the song to a local radio station to play, the radio hosts can be heard poking fun at Angrybaby before playing the track. The hilarious exchange and the young artist’s reaction has now gone viral and in an amusing twist of events, so too has the song.

Angrybaby, more commonly known as Samuel Agate, is a 24-year-old, classically trained musician who currently resides in San Francisco. Drawing influences from the likes of Disclosure, Louis The Child, Odd Mob, and Elderbrook, took piano lessons as an adolescent and started fully immersing himself in electronic music during his years in college. Now, he has gained prominence in the local DJ scene and hosts and curates a weekly event at White Rabbit called Saturday Social, while also crafting his own style of dance music as a producer.