Baauer Debuts Sophomore Album 'PLANET'S MAD' With Full Length Movie

We’ve been waiting for Baauer’s sophomore album, PLANET’S MAD, for a while. We’ve actually been waiting a little while further as he delayed the release while the BLM protests were in full swing. It’s odd then that he’s chosen to release the full album tomorrow, on Juneteenth, but watchful eyes will notice that Baauer debuted his full album today on YouTube accompanied by a full-length computer animated movie.

Videos for singles “REACHUPDONTSTOP,” “AETHER,” and title single “PLANET’S MAD” have already given us a taste of the strange and unique atmosphere that the album presents. But the new full-length movie, clocking in at just over 40 minutes, is the album in a unique form. It’s not 100% the album that you’ll hear on streaming services tomorrow, but it’s damn near close enough.

PLANET’S MAD is available on all streaming services tomorrow. Watch the movie below!

The film premiering today is directed by Directed by Harrison Rodrigues (aka Baauer), Written by Harrison Rodrigues, Dominic Flannigan, Mason Klein, James Rodrigues, Edited by Dominic Flannigan, Rick Farin, Produced by Dominic Flannigan, Nick Vernet, Animation by Actual Objects (Rick Farin, Claire Cochran, Nick Vernet), Additional animation by Dominic Flannigan, Titles by Chloe Scheffe, Dominic Flannigan, Music by Harrison Rodrigues, Additional Production by Holly and Hudson Mohawke, Additional Instruments by Eli Teplin and CID RIM. Home features the voice of Bipolar Sunshine. Sound design by Harrison Rodrigues. The film guest stars Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric.


Photo via Teddy Fitzhugh