Canadian Retrowave Artist Riotron Teams Up With Timmy Trumpet On Remix of ‘Justin’s Song’

Canadian singer/songwriter, Riotron, has teamed up with Australian club superstar Timmy Trumpet to reshape fan favorite hit “Justin’s Song” into an uplifting hardstyle-esque anthem like only Timmy Trumpet can do. Built on the back of the original track’s darker, melancholic chords, and a vocal hook that’s truly radio-ready, the new single adds Trumpet’s trademark blitzkrieg style making it a bright club jam.

Riotron said, “Timmy Trumpet is a genius. He flipped our dark little introspective song into full anthem mode” Riotron shared. “Now ‘Justin’ is everyone of us, chasing those dreams that won’t let us go.”

Timmy Trumpet declared, “I loved the original vocal the first time I heard it and knew with the right rework it could work great in my live sets. Making this was fun and I can’t wait to play it!”

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Of course, Timmy is most famous for his full-on, no holds barred performances, high energy delivery and of course for his live trumpet playing prowess. 

With an original visualizer collaboration coming from Titanic Sinclair (Poppy, Vic Mensa, Børns), the song itself takes you on an emotional journey into new realms for Riotron and his growing catalog of unusual dance music and collaborations.

Hailing from Winnipeg, Canada, Riotron is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Jeff Fettes. The electro-pop artist combines elements of 80s synthwave, EDM, and jazz into a distinctly unique sound. The name is derived from the hit song ‘Rio’ by Duran Duran and the 1982 fantasy sci-fi film ‘Tron’. Be on the lookout for more remixes, mind bending visuals, and Riotron’s first LP in the new year. “Justin’s Song (Timmy Trumpet Remix)” is Released via M3 Recordings.