Check Out Madeon x The Architects’ Cryptoart Drop via Nifty Gateway

Madeon just announced his latest project, Madeon x The Architects, an upcoming cryptoart drop designed to showcase visual artists that contributed to his iconic Good Faith Live tour.

The collection features art from Madeon himself, as well as OSEANWORLD, ShinOSM, Mollie Tarlow, and Mike Kluge. Madeon’s animated art piece “THE DISCHEAD” pictured below also features original music. This, and four other pieces from mentioned artists will drop Thursday, March 18th at 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ET.

Madeon shares of the project:

The process of creating Good Faith Live is one of my proudest artistic accomplishments. I started dreaming up those visuals in my head years prior, but it’s when the five of us got together in Los Angeles that the magic really happened. Everybody brought something personal in service of a coherent, intentional and uncompromising vision. We became close friends along the way and it was a treat to re-explore some of those visual themes in a new format.

The renowned producer and songwriter not only sees this as an opportunity to come together and create art, but a spotlight on the incredible artists that helped him create such a memorable show in Good Faith Live. Read more from Madeon about the experience here.

See below and get ready for the drop!



Photo credit: Jordan Munns