Crumb Pit releases their high-energy, genre-hopping hit “Undercover”

With their latest release, “Undercover,” marking their fourth scorching single in the past six months, the multi-talented, international duo Crumb Pit, representing LA and London, is rising through the ranks to be quite the exciting act. Their blend of “British-cool,” reminiscent of The Streets and Dizzee Rascal, combined with razor-sharp, pulsating drum & bass soundscapes, has helped Crumb Pit stand out among the rest.

Recognizing their potential early on, legendary electronic label Space Yacht Records featured Crumb Pit’s initial releases in their Tune Reactor compilation series, leading to acclaimed performances at esteemed venues like The Roxy and Sound Nightclub. Now, with “Undercover” as a standalone single on Space Yacht, the duo delivers a tastemaker-pop anthem that demands multiple listens, showcasing their versatile production and vocals.

“Undercover” offers a refreshing, innovative sound that pushes boundaries while remaining comfortably familiar—a recipe for potential success. With Space Yacht’s full endorsement, Crumb Pit’s collaborative journey is just beginning and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Listen below!