Daft Punk’s Digital Album Sales Jump 2,650%, Streams Up 500% After Breakup

Daft Punk sales have skyrocketed amidst their breakup.

According to a report from Rolling Stone, the duo experienced an immediate 500% boost in streams on Monday following the release of their farewell video “Epilogue.” Perhaps more impressively, Daft Punk’s digital album sales jumped 2,650%.

Rolling Stone‘s report also reveals Daft Punk’s most-streamed songs on Monday: “Get Lucky” (up 180%), “One More Time” (up 368%), “Harder Better Faster Stronger” (up 418%), “Around the World” (up 381%) and “Instant Crush” (up 392%).

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As well as the duo’s top five most-streamed albums on Monday: Random Access Memories (up 600%), Homework (up 714%), Alive 2007 (up 294%) and TRON: Legacy (up 360%).

In addition, nearly half a million people were streaming Daft Punk for the first time ever on Monday.

Physical sales are expected to soar, too, as Daft Punk’s Homework album and Alive 1997 live performance will be reissued on vinyl this month. Pre-order here and here.


Sources: Rolling Stone, DJ Mag