Kavinsky Reveals Tracklist To His First New Album In Seven Years

Recognize the name Kavinsky or not, you definitely know his song “Nightcall,” released as a single in 2010 and brought to new levels of fame with its inclusion on the Drive motion picture soundtrack. The last we heard of this legendary French touch/synthwave producer was in 2013 with the release of his debut album, OutRun.

He has not released an album or nary a single since… until now.

Though the producer has kept active on social media, there’s been no indication he’s even been working on music save for a couple photos from a studio, which doesn’t even mean he’s working on his own material. Then, yesterday, out of nowhere, he dropped a whole damn tracklist for his new, forthcoming album.

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Hashtags like like #getready, #back, #abouttime, #never over, and #hang on plus the names of thirteen new tracks. We’d be excited to hear some singles from the album, but at the same time, we wouldn’t mind at all if he just dropped the whole project all at once and let us go wild with every single new sound that he has to offer.

If you don’t know Kavinsky, count yourself one of today’s lucky 10,000. Listen to his stellar debut album OutRun below.