Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard Talks About Wanting To Work With Odesza

We know that Odesza is working on new music. In the past they’ve worked with a large array of artists to help bring their vision to life, including Naomi Wild, Regina Spektor, Leon Bridges, Zyra, and more — but so far they haven’t had the sort of high profile collaborations that a lot of artists at their level have. And there’s nothing wrong with that, they certainly don’t need it, but wouldn’t it be cool if they worked with someone like, oh, Death Cab For Cutie?

Toward the end of a discussion with Audacy’s Bryce Segall on New Arrivals, Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard gets asked about working with Odesza considering they’ve been billed on many of the same lineups over the years.

“You just kind of lit a fire for me to reach out to these dudes,” Gibbard says. “I’ve worked on a couple aborted projects with electronic musicians over the past year, and the couple times they haven’t gone anywhere, my wife would say, ‘You should call those Odesza guys!’ […] You know I should probably reach out to those guys.”

Death Cab is best known for their songs “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” and “Soul Meets Body.” They haven’t released an album since 2018 though they’ve released a couple EPs since 2019, the most recent being The Georgia EP last December.


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra