Drezo Shares He's COVID Positive After Playing AZ Drive-In Rave

Drezo isn’t the first DJ to admit he’s COVID positive, but he is the most recent. The DJ/producer shared the news after he played a 2-night drive-in rave show in Arizona with Seven Lions, Wooli, and LICK.

In a since-deleted tweet, he said, “positive for corona. felt like I was gonna die yesterday. take this shit seriously and wear a mask.” The reason it was deleted was because many people started wishing death on him, saying it was his fault for playing if he knew he was sick (he didn’t), and/or trying to hide the truth (he wasn’t).

He’s just posted a video statement, rolling everything he’s said in replies into one concise place. See below:

Unfortunately, it is likely that he caught the illness at the drive-in show, though it’s impossible to know at what point. He might not have caught until he was on his way out, or even on a flight home. And yet he was mercilessly attacked on Twitter for just stating that he had it in the first place.

Relentless Beats and Drezo both took into account guidelines and recommendations when throwing/playing the show. They social distanced, wore masks, and only interacted with the same people, down to the hospitality driver.

It’s important to remember that whether or not Drezo caught COVID, it would still have been important to quarantine and/or get tested after the show. But now, it’s vitally important.

As for other drive-in raves in Arizona from Relentless Beats, who partnered with Insomniac for the Seven Lions show, the next show with Rezz originally scheduled for July 11 is postponed.

While we are as eager as anyone for the AREZZONA show to play out, July 11 is too soon. Given the current situation with…

Posted by Relentless Beats on Tuesday, June 30, 2020


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