GRiZ Rolls Out Love Letter To Weed Culture With Launch of Two Cannabis Lines

GRIZ, proclaimed “electro-funk star, multi-instrumentalist, producer and life-long stoner,” just launched two premium cannabis lines — THC focused Astro Hippie and CBD brand Telescope.

As an outspoken advocate for cannabis, GRiZ cultivates this love letter to weed culture in an effort “geared towards experimenters and tokers who want to explore life in maximum color; who want to listen to music that tickles their ears and blows their minds; who want to road trip in a beat up van and crank mixtapes.”

Astro Hippie debuts today exclusively in Michigan, where it all started for GRiZ, as a homage to his state. The line includes “G Funk,” “Mr. B OG,” and “Tie Dye Medusa” — and the descriptions of these hybrids are just as colorful as their names. Explore them here.

Telescope features a range of products: Sunset Sorbet and Pineapple Upside Down Cake CBD Gummies, Cosmic Candy Pre Roll Pack, and Vibe Check 1000mg Defined Spectrum Tincture, as well as CBD Flower in Milky Wave and Astronaut Ice Cream flavors. Available to order online here.

GRiZ’s new line of cannabis products “pair his values with exceptional products and an embrace of the DIY stoner culture he has been immersed in for years.”

Check out the post from GRiZ below for more photos and info!


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