Matt Barri Offers Beautiful New Single, “You Are Here”

Matt Barri continues to impress us not only with his steady releases of music, but also the pristine quality of each track. He has a knack for crafting melodies to hit your heartstrings, and his latest single, “You Are Here,” is no exception.

“You Are Here” feels every bit like an anthem, exuding a luxurious and uplifting atmosphere. Filled with bouncing synths, captivating melodies, and impactful drops, the song creates an ideal setting for Matt’s glimmering vocals.

‘You Are Here’ is the place you were when you fell in love with dance music. I wanted to channel my inner dreamer with this tune, feeling nostalgic and dreamy, but hopeful. It’s about growing and evolving and still having acknowledged where you started on your journey.” – Matt Barri

Listen below!