Metrik Releases His Newest & Most Authentic Album Yet, "Ex Machina"

Since his debut album Universal Language in 2014, Metrik has been wowing fans and artists alike with his immaculate production and constant drive to evolve within his own genre and sound. Though he had many releases prior to his debut album, many on Viper Recordings before being signed to Hospital Records, it’s really been in the last six years that his growth and maturity have shown brightest.

Now, his third album, Ex Machina, is here. While it does away with many of the more poppy elements in Universal Language or LIFE/THRILLS, though there are still some shining moments, the album still presents the same level of artistry and innovation that we’ve come to know and love Metrik for.

The album is shorter than either of his first two albums, and also contains less features, opting only for Grafix and ShockOne on two of the album’s best tracks, which ends up feeling like this is the quintissential Metrik. Apart from the minute-long interlude “Ascension,” there’s no fluff. There’s no filler. This is Metrik at his most authentic and real.

Previously released singles “Hackers,” “Gravity,” “Parallel,” and more already showed the strength the album would have. But some of the newer tracks, “Closer” especially, prove that, like an iceberg, there’s only so much you can see above the surface. The album is filled with hugely special tunes in the latter half of the album, where the unreleased singles sit, like “Time To Let Go,” the beautiful liquid tune that hearkens back to releases on Med School and early Metrik/Netsky releases. “Thunderblade” takes its namesake in audio form and presents a thunderous tune with gritty synths and a pounding bassline that sounds like a wonderful rock/drum & bass fusion.

These gems are peppered throughout the album and it makes it a wonderful listening experience from beginning to end. It certainly presents a bit of a different flavor than his previous two albums, but fans should still find plenty to add to their libraries and playlists from this release.

Check out the full album below!