REPORT: Drug Dealers Posing As Essential Workers During Lockdown

Drug dealers are getting creative during the coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine…

According to a report from The Guardian, some are posing as joggers or NHS staff with fake credentials in order to keep business moving in the UK.

During this time of social distancing, drug dealers have also reportedly turned to social media to coordinate drive-by sales and/or mailbox drops. They’re playing it “safe” by avoiding face-to-face contact with customers as much as possible.

Director of the National Centre for Gang Research at the University of West London, Professor Simon Harding, explained: “On one hand, they really are heeding government advice on social distancing, but at the same time it is business as usual and as people were panic-buying food, dealers were running bulk deals and selling lockdown party packs.”

He added, “Vehicles are being used more often to carry out deals arranged by phone, with products thrown from windows and money chucked on the back seat to keep items clean.”

From the sounds of it, drug dealers are being more careful than ever with less people on the streets.


Source: The Guardian