Rising Indie Electronic Artist ALANA Teams Up With Zero 7’s Henry Binns For New Single, “Motherless Money”

Dynamic singer/songwriter ALANA recently dropped her first single of 2024, titled “Motherless Money,” accompanied by a music video and remixes from esteemed artist/DJs Franky Boissy and D-Stone. This captivating single intertwines elements of jazz, pop, and house, presenting not only a mesmerizing arrangement but also a bold commentary against vulture capitalism.

Produced by Henry Binns, part of legendary duo Zero 7, the two prove to be a great team. His production seamlessly merges his mastery in blending downtempo sounds with ALANA’s sultry vocals that carries art pop and house influence. Together, they forge a composition that is not only sonically rich but also deeply emotionally resonant. ALANA, who grew up in Cupertino and San Francisco, cleverly channels her anti-corporate sentiment with lyrics that carry a poignant blend of personal reflection and societal critique, challenging listeners to consider their own relationship with the controligarchs they encounter.

If the archetype of a good mother is nurturing, selfless, compassionate, and life-giving, then this song suggests that the ways we are making money these days are void of these qualities and are instead ruthless, selfish, dispassionate and homicidal. There are multiple companies I could include in this criticism, but I will leave it up to the listener to make their own list. Perhaps it’s even the very corporation that they themselves work at.” – ALANA

Check it out below!