Ryan Farish presents the “Embers and Light” album

Multi instrumentalist, producer Ryan Farish presents “Embers and Light,” a 14 track chill electronic album, mixing digital with the sound of the violin, for an ethereal listening experience.

What makes the album special is the inspiration behind it. Farish says the album was created during an intensely inspired season for him, during which he reconnected with the very first instrument he learned to play as a young musician, the violin. In addition to the violin, Ryan also used Moog’s reissued Model D, which adds to the warmth and emotions of the album.

I have always been fascinated with recorded music, in that recordings are a timeless representation of where an Artist is creatively, in a specific moment in time. In many ways, they are time capsules. Moments frozen in time, recorded music allows us to look both forward and back in time, through the music captured in these moments. “Skylight” really captures the essence of where I am artistically in the most present moment, and was the most recent song I recorded for my upcoming album, ‘Embers and Light’,” Farish says.

Stream “Embers and Light” below, out now via Rytone Entertainment.