Site of Dreamville at Tomorrowland in Jeopardy

Next to Boom in Belgium, the site of Tomorrowland, is Rumst, a field where Dreamville, the camping area of the festival, is normally arranged. Both Tomorrowland and Dreamville are huge economic drivers in Belgium, but the Wienerberger brickworks company has started digging very deep wells in Rumst to extract clay, disturbing the site.

“Tomorrowland brings in a lot of money for Rumst, and the municipality is therefore looking for a solution”, says Mayor Jurgen Callaerts (N-VA).

Farmers who lease land there are also in jeopardy, with one farmer saying he’s losing about five hectares (50,000 square meters) of land.

Mayor Callaerts is working to solve the issue and find a solution for all parties to come away with, “but it is a difficult search.”

All tickets purchased for Tomorrowland 2020 will be transferred to Tomorrowland 2021, but tickets for next year’s event have not gone on sale yet.


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