Skrillex Drops Surprise New Single As He’s Working On “Main Body Of Work”

So, first things first: Skrillex album undoubtedly confirmed.

The man tweeted out at 2am PST, “Still finishing this main body of work but in the mean time I just made this today and wanted to put it out.” While he works on finishing up the album, he just dropped a chill garage track called “Kliptown Empyrean.”

Filled with soft and delicate synths and melodies, it still features a lot of hallmark Skrillex effects in its drum patterns, vocal modulations, and more. It bears a lot of resemblance to the vibe we got on “Would You Ever?” with Poo Bear all those years ago.

Even though this is technically a placeholder, it’s also the first solo Skrillex release we’ve gotten since last year’s Show Tracks.

Check it out below!


Photo via Marilyn Hue