Skrillex is still teasing more new music with release of “Baby Again”

Skrillex just finished a massive promo campaign for his first two albums in nine years, released within 36 hours of each other two weekends ago. Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close represent both sides of Skrillex’s production, with the former featuring the harder selections and the latter presenting his pop/hip hop side.

And yet, the mad man is still teasing even more new music — I mean, we all knew those two albums weren’t all that he had been producing, right? One of the most anticipated IDs that fans were disappointed didn’t make the albums was “Baby Again,” yet another collaboration with Fred again.. and Four Tet, who all sold out Madison Square Garden almost two weeks ago for a 5-hour b2b2b set.

Yesterday, Skrillex cheekily tweeted, “let’s drop baby again sooon,” tagging both producers. Less than 20 minutes later, he shared a video of the track being dropped at MSG.

The question now is: is Skrillex keeping up the same pace of releases we saw with QFF/DGTC or is this “sooon” reminiscent of his old style where we might see the song in a couple months or never? I guess we’ll find out sooon.