SOURCES: Coachella Music Festival Postponed Half A Year Due To Coronavirus

One of the music industry’s biggest fears has been narrowly avoided: Coachella is being postponed until October, according to multiple independent sources who have confirmed the move to Your EDM.

Different from other events that have claimed “postponed” but really mean cancelled, Coachella will still reportedly occur in 2020, only now it will be six months later than planned to allow for time for fears around coronavirus to calm down.

Yashar Ali of New York Magazine/HuffPost appears to have similar sources, who also tell him that, as of now, the same lineup is scheduled to perform. Coachella generally institutes a six-month radius clause after its April festival, so presumably all artists performing wouldn’t have pre-existing tour dates in the region for October.

An official announcement is reportedly being made tomorrow.


Photo courtesy of Coachella