Spotify’s novel generative playlist is going to be your new daily obsession

As of 2022, Spotify boasts around 82 million songs from over 11 million artists and creators. For around 433 million active monthly listeners, that’s a lot of music to have to sift through to find something you aren’t listening to. Plenty of Spotify playlists exist to help users find more music, as it can be broken down by genre or activity. Then there’s Discover Weekly, New Music Friday, etc., that promote new music on a more consistent basis.

A friend, @christyhayekart, recently turned me onto a new playlist that has revolutionized how I engage with the streaming platform. The playlist doesn’t have a name, at least not a consistent one, so you can’t really search for it. As such, it’s difficult to even Google for let alone confirm this is a new discovery. Searching “spotify generative playlist” doesn’t bring up anything super concrete.

This playlist digs into your listening history by time of day and day of the week and generates a whole new playlist four times a day for morning, afternoon, evening, and night based on what you typically listen to on those days at those times.

It’s not always perfect… and not always kind… but more often than not you’ll find some new Spotify-specific genre like “obsessed” that you truly identify with.

Check your own playlist here!