The Chainsmokers Are Taking A Step Back for the Better

The Chainsmokers recently wrapped up their expansive World War Joy tour with 5SOS in support of their latest album of the same name. With blink182, a motorcycle globe of death, and more memorable moments, the tour was a smashing success and the trio have now cemented themselves as one of the biggest artist groups in the world.

But, now that the tour is over, it’s onto the next one… and before that, TCS4 is on its way. In order to focus more on the album and force themselves into that creative mode, The Chainsmokers have announced a break from social media.

“Hey everybody. We are going to be taking some time to create our next chapter in music. We have never been more inspired and are already hard at work on TCS4 but we are going to be taking a break from social media (minus a few obligations) to give it the attention it needs.”

They assure fans they’ll be back “soon (ish)” and the next time we see their faces on IG will be when the next album is ready.

The group still has loads and loads of unreleased bangers, many of which they showed off at Ultra 2019. Hopefully those aren’t just live IDs and will eventually be released, if not as part of their next album, then as some sort of EP series in the interim like Griz’s Bangers series.

Either way, brace yourself for a break from The Chainsmokers in 2020.

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