This Time EP: Zeo Guinle’s Latest Release with Remix by Dirty Doering on Warung Recordings

Zeo Guinle makes a triumphant return, collaborating with Warung Recordings to release his EP, “This Time,” featuring a remix by Dirty Doering. The international scene’s icons, including Acid Pauli, Adriatique, D-nox, and Robbie Akbal, have already shown their support for the EP. Before its official debut, “This Time” received significant attention through a premiere on Atlantida FM, one of the country’s largest radio stations, reaching millions of listeners.

On the debut day, “This Time EP” earned recognition, securing a spot in the January Best New Melodic House Techno, Weekend Picks Melodic, and Best New Indie Dance charts on Beatport.

Zeo Guinle, a resident DJ at London’s renowned D-Edge club, has an impressive track record with performances at Tomorrowland, Reading Festival, and Universo Paralello. Boasting millions of streams on digital platforms, Zeo Guinle presented “This Time” on January 26th through Warung Recordings, a label associated with the celebrated Warung Beach Club.

The EP comprises two tracks: the original and a remix by Dirty Doering, the head of Berlin-based label Katermukke. The original track, spanning almost thirteen minutes, gradually builds a melodic progression, introducing existential questions within a dream-like atmosphere. Dirty Doering’s remix offers a digital and synthesized reinterpretation, maintaining the original’s character while adding a unique and impactful touch to the dance floor.

Zeo Guinle’s international experience has significantly influenced his sound, marked by dynamism, groove, and energy. Having performed in London, Scotland, Manchester, and Bristol, Zeo Guinle is a prominent figure in the British electronic scene, with releases on labels such as Katermukke, Nuvour Records, Warung Recordings, Get Physical, and Great Stuff.

Dirty Doering, also known as Velten Doering, is a catalyst for change, combining roles as a visionary entrepreneur and DJ. His remix of “This Time” showcases his ability to question and drive innovation, making a lasting impact on the electronic music landscape.

In Zeo’s own words: My true love is to produce music for you, specially with such a great artist as the remixer. Dirty Doering is a true talent and Warung Recordings as our house was just perfect. Long life to Warung and big thanks to YourEDM for supporting!” – Zeo Guinle 

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