Why Rising Talent Bassassin Is An Artist To Keep An Eye On

From irresistible trap bangers to an assortment of heavy dubstep and bass music tracks, Bassassin is carefully crafting an intricate discography that should be on everyone’s radar.

Hailing from San Diego, he graduated from the Musicians Institute with a focus on Music Production and Music Business back in 2013, and has been tirelessly working towards crafting a unique sound and brand ever since. In an oversaturated market, Bassassin knows well that it takes a lot of work for an artist to stand out, and he’s up to the task.

A versatile producer and DJ, Bassassin combines elements from hip-hop, dubstep, trap and rock to create his sounds, with his discography dating back to 2015, when he dropped his self-titled DJ Bassassin EP. He has released a large number of EPs and projects ever since, following up the monumental success of Bassassin EP with Bassassin’s Creed in 2018, In Yo Face in 2019, Coffee EDM in 2020 and Music Is War in 2021. His latest effort marked King of Thugstep, which introduced his new thugstep genre, a combination of hardcore rap and dubstep. Featuring collaborations with Wermzer, Gangsta Boo, Chrome Korleone and drill legend Wacka Flocka Flame, King of Thugstep was a massive moment for Bassassin, further cementing him as an artist to watch within the scene.

Bassassin’s inspirations range from DJ Paul and Lex Luger, to DJ Mustard and Diplo, as he’s aiming to achieve a similar level of fame and acclaim. Channeling his passion into everything he does, while aiming to inspire the next wave of talents, he has been producing professionally for over eight years at this point and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Bassassin’s brand new release, which is out now, is arguably one of his heaviest to date, and a stunning display of his production talents. Titled “Slayer,” it follows the heavy-hitting “Cancel Culture” alongside Yukmouth and Ise B, and combines metal with riddim for a mesmerizing result.

A barrage of guitars and bass kicks off the tune, that were provided by Bassassin’s former guitar teacher and nicely introduce listeners to the haunting vibe of the track. Following a screamo vocal that catches listeners off-guard, a sinister riddim drop explodes, filled with forward-thinking sound design and hard-hitting drums.

“Slayer” makes for yet another impressive tune for Bassassin, who is gearing up to drop a lot more music throughout 2023. Make sure to stay tuned with the talented producer, as he’s only rising from here.