408 Darwin shares electrifying single “Shooters”

Kentucky artist 408 Darwin has shared a new single called “Shooters”. This offering follows up a prolific flurry of releases such as “Papercutz” and “Creep in the Night” in 2022, as he continues to help put his hometown of Lexington on the map in the rap world. Showcasing his signature sound, which blends hard-hitting sonics with rich grooves for an infectious, alluring listening experience, “Shooters” is packed densely with energy.

“Shooters” contains powerful instrumentation, centred around triumphant, gritty horns that blast out atop crunchy, steadfast percussion and rumbling bass. Atop the raw, textural instrumentation, 408 Darwin delivers a series of charismatic rhymes, tying them together with the help of a fluid, effortless cadence. Capped off by a memorable, lively hook, “Shooters” is a dark, confident track that provides an invigorating listen.

“Shooters” is the latest from the rising Kentucky artist, as he continues to develop his sound and put on for his hometown of Lexington.

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