Fever Queen leaves her “Love Last” in a taste of her debut album [Video]

Fever Queen is the alter-ego of Chicago-based singer-songwriter Eleanor Rose Lee, and recently Queen released her debut album, The World of Fever Queen, out now via First To Knock. Coming off the release of Queen’s aforementioned album is one of the key tracks, “Love Last”, a song that allows Queen to draw the listener in with a fantastic, slow-burning aesthetics that showcase Queen’s dominant vocals.

Sporadically placed in the piece are Queen’s slow, brooding synths, Western-esq orchestral acoustics and the aesthetics of her over-arching piano, which happen to cover a large portion of her single, that additional shows Queen at her best; highlighting her melodic range to paint a vivid story of a one-woman’s vision of love, dreams, and hesitations. 

Queen’s debut album also features her earlier released singles “Charmer” and “You, You”, and each release apparently represents a specific slice of Fever Queen’s own life.

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