4B and Trippie Redd certainly aren’t “Going Nowhere” on fiery collaboration

As genres from across the musical spectrum collide, they form kaleidoscopic offshoots that can potentially set tastes for many years to come. When adrenaline-pumping EDM intertwined with the more in-your-face flavours of trap and hip-hop at the turn of the last decade, the landscape of EDM changed forever, leaving behind a lasting connection between the two worlds that continues to this day.

Invariably carrying the torch for this is movement is DJ, producer and New Jersey-native 4B, who recently dropped his highly anticipated collaboration with Trippie Redd, entitled “Going Nowhere,” which first debuted at Nocturnal Wonderland back in 2018.

Gritty synths and a subtly chilling piano melody fade in to lay the foundation for Trippie’s unmistakably angsty vocal performance, which matches the ensuing explosivity with remarkable finesse, despite as 4B elucidates in an email statement, “I wanted to bring someone out for my set at Nocturnal Wonderland. At that time I finished the first version of the Demo with Trippie. He didn’t even hear it yet at that time. Last-minute we were able to bring him out and to perform “Fuck Love” & then right after I dropped Going Nowhere. The first time he heard it was on stage. The rest is history.”

As the anticipation builds for the inevitably ensuing drop, the energy navigates towards 4B’s polished, crossover-led dance stylings; a facet that’s become a hallmark of his distinctly fluid sound. The track then unfurls into a high-octane homogeny of EDM trap and dark club, with Trippie’s vocal sliced into a hypnotic countermelody. As the track takes us through the motions once again, the second iteration of the drop gives a subtle nod to his hometown, with a Jersey Club rhythm to complete this track, leaving you hooked from start to finish; a truly unforgettable collaboration.

“Going Nowhere” is out now via Ultra Music.

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