4ever lost know exactly where they’re going on bebut EP ‘Dyeing’ [Video]

Anonymous band 4ever lost have just dropped their debut EP Dyeing via Groover Obsessions / The artistic way and it’s a real game-changer for pop/electronic fans who don’t mind a bit of genre-bending.

“Heyyyy” is without a doubt a standout track with its melancholic toplines, driving drums and sunny disposition. Dipped in autotune, vocal chorus and smooth, soulful deliveries, it really has a bit of everything, but most importantly, it’s getting played all summer long. A delightful mix of drum machines and indie pop angst, it’s wonderfully refreshing and original, pushing a classic sound into a new age. The production is also thoughtful and surprising, full of character and charm that will have you hooked.

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Talking about the new EP, they share: “So for this EP we listened to a lot of Omar Apollo, Steve Lacy and Clairo‘s work. We wanted to go very pop. Listening to Dijon helped a lot too, you can hear it on our fourth track “Pointless” which is very Dijon influenced. I (Six) made it with this brilliant producer called Lyes Kaci. Everything was recorded in Hero‘s (our guitarist) studio and mixed by a very talented producer called Kan-G who actually co-produced most of the EP with us and helped create the entire mood for it. It was a team effort, and we love each of these guys who helped us made it possible.”

2022 saw 4ever lost burst onto the scene with bold visuals and a revitalising energy. With the release of their debut EP, we can only hope their fanbase continues to grow and more people feel the magic 4ever lost are bringing to indie music.

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