Lisa Mercedez reaffirms her faith alongside Shy in “Shahada” [Video]

The UK-based, Jamaican-born dancehall artist Lisa Mercedez takes an unprecedented step in her new song “Shahada.” The title, which refers to the Islamic declaration of faith, follows Lisa as she celebrates her newfound faith.  This track might seem like a departure from her trademark sound but Lisa is all about pushing the envelope while expanding her creative gifts as an individual.

The track has a solemn, atmospheric vibe and sees Lisa teaming up with Persian vocalist Shy who adds her ethereal vocals to brighten the dark, piano-driven rap track. Lisa takes the listener down memory lane and reminds them of her journey as an artist who has come of age and is beyond being pigeonholed. Using her trademark dancehall tinged flow she unapologetically expresses her new faith and what it really means to her on the track.

The video goes for an exotic aesthetic and follows the dancehall act across the golden sands signifying her transformation. There are a whole lot of fascinating landscapes and beautiful scenery from the skies as director Joshua Griffiths ensures to capture the essence of change. On another note, Lisa truly embodies her faith and resolve on this one for anyone who has doubts about her persona.

“Shahada” is the follow up to her recent collaboration “Real Love'” with dancehall legend  Vybz Kartel.

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