A beginners guide to IMS Ibiza as the industry reunites for its 15th year

The International Music Summit (IMS) is returning this week in Ibiza from April 24-26 in its new home of the Mondrian Ibiza and Hyde Ibiza in Cala Longa for 2024.

The leading global thought-leadership platform for industry, culture, education, technology and wellness in electronic music, IMS has become a catalyst for sustainable growth within the diverse global music industry whilst inspiring positive change from the board room to the dance floor.

Uniting all corners of the global electronic music ecosystem, the summit aims to deconstruct the topics and issues that really matter to the community whilst exploring best practices and innovation in music, technology, diversity & inclusion, education, and health & wellness with a breadth of conference talks, discussions, workshops, networking events and more with leading industry experts.

This year’s theme is centred around “Rebuilding Our Community: How To Bring Back Peace, Love, Unity & Respect”. With that in mind, here is five tips for any first timers heading out to make the most of the industry event of the year.


Those going solo or in a group, networking play a pivotal role in expanding and making new relationships. Remember everyone is there to meet new people, those feeling nervous should know that the networking events are the most casual setups of the whole summit, they’re welcoming and the best environment for getting to know new people without having to book an official meeting. For those that may naturally, still feel apprehensive, we recommend HE.SHE.THEY‘s ‘Break The Ice’ pop up located at The Brave Space which is particularly geared toward first time attendees where the team are there for any advice or questions you may have.

Delegates list

Utilise the delegates list on the IMS website! Whilst it’s a good idea to make the most of the casual networking mixers, getting an idea of who is attending that would benefit your personal industry network is a must. The list is super straight forward to navigate with multiple roles to filter and other fellow industry heads providing a summary of who they’re looking to connect with so you can gauge whether you’d be a fit for meeting. If you think you’d require a more in depth chat with some than others, these are the ones to try and prioritise for 1:1 meets. Making a note of their location is also another tip to take on board. If it’s less likely you’ll be able to meet these people face to face due to living in completely different countries, then IMS is the perfect time to finally meet them face to face, which is way more beneficial than a video call.

Balance and schedule

There is SO much going on at IMS that whilst we’d like to, it would be impossible to attend every panel, every mixer, every workshop and so forth. Prioritise what you would like to engage with the most, whether it’s a talk that stands out where you would like to take part in the discussion or a workshop that would enhance your skills, scheduling and balancing a range of what IMS has to offer is super important.

This is why making a schedule is so vital, bouncing around from difference locations and talks may work for an hour or so but it’s better to have a plan in tact. Blocking out the most important talks and workshops talks for you during in the day is advisable and then adding time for 1:1 meets in between will allow for the most effective and varied plan of attack.

Avoid burn out

Leading aptly on to our fourth tip, it is important not to get carried away in the excitement of IMS. Block out down time to reenergise and refuel, particularly in between meetings for lunch and dinner before the evening of parties and mixers commences. It may sound simple, but we can often put our health to one side in high paced environments. Packing everything into 3 days with no break is likely to backfire and cause burn out, remember it is better to be on your best form and prioritise your health, something that IMS itself encourages with Yoga, mindful walks, frequency sessions and much more. It is easy to get sucked in to all the amazing opportunities available at IMS, but to enhance the experience by pacing yourself is key.

Celebrate your first year on a high at Dalt Vila!

An extravaganza not to miss, IMS closes out the conference with its annual party at the peak of Dalt Vila in the extraordinary Ibiza town. Whilst closing out IMS and a celebration of the incredible week, Dalt Vila also kicks off the Ibiza summer season with opening parties across the weekend. The grand finale in this unique setting of a medieval fortress with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean, is one not to be missed. This year’s party will host sets from Jaguar b2b DJ Paulette, Artche b2b Kalisma, Sarz b2b Kilimanjaro, Pete Tong b2b Alex Wann, Roisin Murphy, Miss Monique, Sasha b2b Franky Wah and closing out with none other than Mochakk. Tickets are available here 

For those who may have got a taste for the conference there is still time. Passes for the 15th edition are still available to purchase here. IMS will take place from 24-26th April.

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