a_shes drops dreamy and introspective number “red flags”

Emerging Malaysian-Bornean, London and Cambridge-based artist a_shes delivers dreamy and introspective number “red flags,” featuring a catchy pop hook over a shimmering, synth-rock-tinged soundscape and melancholic song writing.

With a bittersweet vibe that explores the messiness of love and sex as we step into our adulthood, the track encapsulates self-destructiveness that seeps out our need to feel desired.

Having established his ability to craft nostalgic synthpop anthems that form an instant connection with those on the cusp of adulthood, a_shes has built a sonic space that captures the fear and euphoria of growing up.

A queer PhD student who has found solace and deep passion in his music, a_shes is all set to expand on his budding presence in the indie music scene with his latest offering.

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