About You shares heartfelt narrative in “Farewell to Ghosts” [Premiere]

About You is a music group led by Max Poscente. They have released a new song called “Farewell to Ghosts (feat. Elliott Skinner)”. The song talks about how some people are unsafe in society, even though they should be. Max and Elliott made this song to tell the story of a friend who was homeless. They wanted to show people how hard life can be for some people.

The song was written during the pandemic and recorded at Modern Electric Sound Recorders. It has many different sounds, and Elliott sings well. The song is emotional and will make you think about life.

About You has played many shows and is going on tour soon. They will play in different cities in the Southern US and have a show in Los Angeles on March 29th. Other artists, like Jolee Go and Angelsaur, will also perform. After the show, there will be a DJ playing music.

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