Chloe Jane offers up an anthem to overcome toxic relationships on”No Patience (No Tengo Pacienca)”

NYC rising pop singer-songwriter, dancer and DJ Chloe Jane offers up an anthem to overcome gaslighting and toxic relationships with edgy-pop number “No Patience (No Tengo Pacienca),” a Spanglish track that exudes her love for Latin music, culture and the influences that shaped her upbringing and music career.

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Originally written in English over a reggaeton/pop production, the track is adorned by her soaring, bright vocals coupled with captivating edgy pop melodies and entrancing textures.A track that boasts optimism and pushed us towards expressing ourselves freely and with confidence, the uplifting feel of “No Patience (No Tengo Pacienca),” is accompanied by a fun-filled music video shot in Ibiza, Spain.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, she says, “‘No Patience (No Tengo Paciencia)’ is about losing patience with someone in a relationship. I gave someone so much of my time and energy and all I got in return was gaslighting and them lying to me. Eventually, I came to my senses and said ‘I gotta go, I don’t have patience for you this time.”

With youthful yet deeply thoughtful discography delving into the themes of heartbreak, love, and drama as a teen, Chloe Jane is one to keep on your radar.

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